Black and Pearl Wet Fly

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In the high mountains of Transylvania, the grayling begin to feed with a frenzied intensity. Emerging from a long winter, they are eager to replenish their energy reserves. Here is a wet fly pattern—an emerger or whatever you prefer to call it—that works exceptionally well in these conditions. Materials: Hook: Daiichi 1310 #14 ( pinch the barb ...

Atomic purple perdigon

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This fly is for fishing after short rains when waters get cloudy and the levels increase a little bit. Due to the materials used, this perdigon provides great contrast in these fishing conditions. Materials: Hook: Demmon #16 Thread: Sumo 50DEN - brown Tail: Coq de Leon Pardo Body: Atomic skin -purple red Coating: UV resin Tungsten 3mm gold

Video- the CDC Paraloop Unsinkable Emerger

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It takes a little more time to make it than a simple fly. You cannot tie it on hooks smaller than 16. Actually you can, but it is difficult and it becomes too bulky. But it's worth it, it's the most effective emerger that I've tried everywhere. Materials: Materials used: Materials: Hook: Varivas 2200 size14/16 Body: Belgian rabbit ...

Paraloop CDC Flies

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The Paraloop technique is a method used in fly tying to create a realistic representation of emerging or crippled insects on the water's surface. This technique was pioneered by renowned fly tyer and angler Shane Stalcup in the 1990s. Stalcup, known for his innovative approaches to fly tying, developed the Paraloop technique to increase the ...

Video-Tying a green and partridge jig nymph

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Bright green nymphs are great attractor patterns. This model can be particularly effective in murky water where a flash of color can grab a fish's attention. When algae blooms occur, the water can take on a greenish tinge. Green nymphs can blend in slightly while still offering some contrast, potentially attracting fish feeding on the ...

Video – Tying a multicolor perdigon -for cloudy waters

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Here is the video how I make this perdigon. Recipe: Size 18 hook W633 Demmon Tail made of Coq de Leon -Pardo medio Thread used is Gel Spun Ultra Flat 50DEN in brown Body is made of tinsel rainbow- Glossy Pearl Coating is done with Troutline UV Resin

Video- Tying a nymph for muddy waters

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When fishing in dark, murky waters after heavy rains, here are some fly color recommendations for good contrast: High-Visibility Options: Black: A classic choice for murky water. It provides a strong silhouette that fish can easily see. Purple: Another great option, offering good contrast against brown or green murky water. Olive: Dark olive shades can work well, especially if ...